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Sarah Kinsinger, PhD, ABPP

Rome GastroPsych Group

About Us

The Rome GastroPsych Group was formed by US-based GI clinical health psychologists Laurie Keefer, PhD and Sarah Kinsinger, PhD, ABPP in 2018 based on a need to connect and support an emerging, international group of professionals interested in the clinical and scientific intersection of psychology and gastroenterology. Supported by the Rome Foundation liaison, Doug Drossman, MD and the Rome Foundation Board, our mission is to:

    1. promote the use of evidence-based behavioral treatments for GI disorders internationally;
    2. encourage development of interdisciplinary psychosocial GI programs in gastroenterology practices through expert consultation and lectureships;
    3. connect with national and international GI organizations to enhance the visibility of GI Psychology providers and encourage collaboration; and
    4. expand our field into previously under-studied areas of psychogastroenterology (e.g. inflammatory bowel diseases, chronic pancreatitis).

There are several planned activities for the working group, including the development of high-quality training opportunities at national meetings or through webinars for mental health professionals interested in working with the GI population. We are also setting up opportunities to consult with gastroenterologists and administrators interested in developing a GI behavioral program at their institution.

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