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The Rome Foundation GastroPsych Group is proud to lead the way in addressing the needs of GI patients using mindfulness based therapies. Many of our members are key leaders in this field and are frequently called up on to address topics related to using hypnosis, CBT and other methods to treat chronic GI pain and other FGID symptoms.

We are proud to feature the latest news about them here:

Featured Article

AGA CLINICAL PRACTICE UPDATE: EXPERT REVIEW. Best Practice Update: Incorporating Psychogastroenterology Into Management of Digestive DisordersGastroenterology 2018;154:1249–1257
This clinical article by Rome Psychogastroenterology Members Drs Keefer and Palsson offers practical tips for gastroenterologists on how to get their patients to pursue brain-gut psychotherapy for their digestive disorder.

Featured Podcast

Talking Gut with Dr. Jim Kantidakis
Please enjoy a monthly podcast hosted by one of our Australian GI Psychologist members, Dr Jim Kantidakis. In his podcast, Dr. Jim interviews scientists, clinicians and others who are committed to the science and practice of psychogastroenterology, focusing on their current interests in the field as well as their lives and careers. A great listen especially for young professionals to hear from some of the FGID giants!

Additional Articles

A Surprise Medical Solution: HypnosisThe Wall Street Journal, May 2018
Major hospitals are finding hypnotherapy can help sufferers of digestive conditions like heartburn, colitis, acid reflux and irritable bowel syndrome.

Can Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Help Alleviate IBS Symptoms?
If you have irritable bowel syndrome, flare-ups can happen at any time, making social situations stressful. Approaches like cognitive behavioral therapy may help. Here’s how.

Can a Health Psychologist Help You Manage Inflammatory Bowel Disease?
This healthcare provider can help you use several strategies to reduce stress, helping to alleviate Crohn’s or ulcerative colitis symptoms.

Staying Connected When You Have Crohn’s

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