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Appointment interest

To ande8936 on 08/18/2021
Hello Dr. Anderson,
My gastroenterologist at the Mayo Clinic recommended I look into gut directed therapy (ROME Foundation) to find a specialist in CBT targeted at GI symptoms.
My insurance is Medicare and BCBS. Do you accept those? I’d be interested in telehealth.
I’m a 65yo and have PTSD, GAD, depression, binge eating disorder, long standing GERD and gastritis, constipation, a mixed connective tissue disorder. I’ve been dealing with nausea and vomiting and intestinal intussusceptions. I was hospitalized and had surgery in July for a complete bowel obstruction, removal of 29ccm of necrotic bowel, and resection. I was hospitalized in August for a partial bowel obstruction. My disordered eating is a problem as I am only to have 10-15gm of fiber daily. Linda McCulloch 1210 Langewood Drive Minnetrista 55364 952-738-2047